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Database Maintenance

Emicon Oracle DBA team assist organizations which are looking at expertise in maintaining their existing Oracle Databases. We also help organizations looking to move to Oracle platform from an existing infrastructure. Our Oracle Database consulting services include:

► Planning, Design, Architecture & Integration
► Database Administration
► Custom database development
► Performance Tuning & Troubleshooting
► Backup and Recovery
► Installation, Configuration, Upgrades and Migration
► Data Warehousing
► Security
► Application Server integration and development

Emicon Remote Solutions provide a cost effective and timesaving solution to fulfil your database, systems, and applications administration needs. Our service provides the assurance that your mission critical systems are constantly monitored and managed to help ensure their stability, reliability and availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The features of our remote services are:

► Ongoing Oracle Database Support and Maintenance
► Proactive Performance Tuning and Management
► Database and Application Systems Availability and Conditional Events Monitoring
► Proactive Database and Systems Capacity Planning
► Timely, Detailed Information Reports
► Problem Resolution Support
► Oracle Service Request (SR) assistance
► Remote Services Customer Login
► Remote DBA Support,
► Oracle DBA Support,
► Database Services,
► Database Administration,
► Oracle Apps 24/7 uptime assured,
► Oracle R12 support,
► O/S Support

To know more contact us at oracle@emicon.co.in