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Health Check and Audit Services

Emicon enables its clients to analyze their existing Oracle E-Business Suite implementation and any existing pit-falls or roadblocks in the current solution. A detailed report prepared after due diligence of the system and meeting up with business users is the key deliverable of this activity. We help our clients in:

► Defining specific & measurable goals for the business performance
► Assessing current business model
► Evaluating the existing business processes
► Identifying the non-value adding processes and functions
► Identifying the ways and means to simplify &speed up the critical processes
► Identifying the solution map to align your business processes with strategic goals
► Assessing the existing resources & IT infrastructure to determine their optimal utilization or need for retirement
► Assessing the responsiveness and adaptability status of enterprise in general and work-force in specific towards change.
► Understanding the training and awareness needs and build and enterprise level training plans which will help to utilize the application effectively

Emicon Value Proposition:

► Our team suggests improved return on investment vis-a-vis the initial implementation.
► Immediate and long-term cost savings that effectively reduce total cost of ownership.
► Elimination of costly and complicated applications and customizations with standard solutions / boltons

To know more contact us at oracle@emicon.co.in