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VCP & Demantra

Emicon provides a complete planning solution built on a common foundation that leverages pre-built integration with both Oracle and non-Oracle systems i.e. Oracle Value Chain Planning. With Oracle Value Chain Planning applications, we enable supply chain managers to sense and shape demand, to build a solution that helps organizations to create flexible supply chains which can work proactively and cushion organizations from variations in demand providing better customer services, organizational growth and profitability. We works in following suite of products:

  • ► Advanced Planning Command Center

  • ► Advanced Supply Chain Planning

  • ► Collaborative Planning

  • ► Rapid Planning

  • ► Global Order Promising

  • ► Inventory Optimization

  • ► Manufacturing Operations Center

  • ► Production Scheduling

  • ► Service Parts Planning

One of the solutions Emicon provides under the Oracle Value Chain Planning (VCP) is Demantra. With Demantra Demand Management, we provide a platform for companies to manage all Demand Management activity throughout their supply chains. We help them to maximize profitability and enables them to better sense, shape and respond to demand with a single, precise forecast. Also the Built-in analytic and adaptable business process automation capabilities enable a wide range of day-to-day decision making with real-time demand intelligence that ensures plans are based on the most accurate, forward forecasts without the need of statistical knowledge which results in a demand-driven organization with higher service levels and sales, more satisfied customers, and lower inventory and distribution costs.We provide services in:

  • ► Demand Management

  • ► Advanced Trade Planning and Demand Management

  • ► Sales and Operation Planning

  • ► Predictive Trade Planning